Senior Gigs

Nov-20-2018Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Sep-11-2018Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Jul-14-2018Knollwood Place3:30 pm
Jun-12-2018Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
May-3-2018Sholom Home West2:00 pm
Apr-26-2018Roitenberg Wartnick Room3:00 pm
Apr-24-2018Sholom Home West11:00 am
Apr-17-2018Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Mar-3-2018Knollwood Place3:30 pm
Fer-23-2018Walker Methodist2:00 pm
Feb-20-2018Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Jan-10-2018Sholom Home West2:00 pm
Dec-22-2017Golden Living Center2:00 pm
Nov-16-2017Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Oct-6-2017Private Birthday Party12:00 pm
Aug-10-2017Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Jun-15-2017Golden Living Center 3rd flr2:30 pm
Jun-8-2017Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Mar-30-2017Sunrise of Minnetonka3:00 pm
Mar-17-2017Castleridge Care Center10:30 am
Feb-22-2017Castleridge Care Center10:30 am
Feb-14-2017Golden Living Center2:00 pm
Feb-14-2017Castleridge Care Center10:30 am
Feb-8-2017Castleridge Care Center10:30 am


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