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Great popular music is timeless as it carries through the generations without regard to changing style and whimsical fads. Sunny VanBrocklin was brought up on a wide variety of great popular American music and this life experience has found its way out into her own musical expressions.

Sunny is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist based in Eden Prairie, MN where she lives, records, and plays a wide variety of venues around the Twin Cities metro area.

With deep roots in Americana and the Great American song book, as well as pop influences of the British invasion and the American folk movement, Sunnyís music is multi layered with chordal complexities that reflect her eclectic influences. She is a rare artist who appeals to fans of all genres, particularly in her crossover forte of jazz/pop/folk.

As a solo artist, she gives her heart and soul to the show whether itís an intimate listening room or a crowded club setting. The audience is at first drawn in by her natural beauty but then finds, through her fingerstyle guitar playing and emotional voice, a truly engaging performer.

Sunny has also developed an approach to music as a healing element. In her work with senior care centers and residential care facilities across the twin cities she works one-on-one, in concert gatherings and sing-a-longs, tailoring her song selection to help the healing and bring smiles to the residentís faces as they are drawn back to a happier time that is represented by Sunnyís music.


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